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We work and schedule appointments according to European standards. An salon appointment or online consultation is only possible after making a prepayment of 600 UAH for the cosmetologist or 850 UAH for Tetiana. For the salon consultation the prepayment is 50% of consultation cost. Booking for online consultation is only possible after making a full prepayment.

Rescheduling or cancelling an appointment without losing the prepayment amount, regardless of the reason, is possible 48 hours before the visit.

In case the visit is rescheduled or cancelled from our side, we will either offer you another cosmetologist or reschedule the visit for another time. For such a visit you will get a 10% discount, and we can also give a full refund of prepayment.


In our salon we practice non-invasive cosmetology using modern cosmeceutics and apparates of the best world brands.

While working with clients, we give special attention to building a correct home skin care routine, which is considered to be the foundation of skin health and the process of "beautiful aging".


Since the summer of 2021 we have microcurrent therapy apparatus of French brand Biogenie.


We provide light therapy using the LED lamp from British manufacturer Dermalux Flex. In the EU, this lamp is certified as a medical device and has several awards.

Phototherapy is especially suitable for acne correction, rosacea and as an additional therapy for various dermatoses (including psoriasis) and hyperpigmentation.

Call, make an appointment and come to our office - we are happy to be useful.


Call us, make an appointment and come to our office. We are glad to be helpful!

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